Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the wordcount of my documents?

  1. If your text is in countable format, and the document opens with a document processing application, such as MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Excel, then you can use the wordcount tool of the corresponding application to get easily the wordcount of your document. For example:
    – MS Word: Take a look at the left of the lower bar of the application window, and you will see the word counter.
    – PowerPoint: Go to the “File” tab and then to the “Info” tab; at the bottom right of the list, you will see an underlined phrase that says “Show all Properties”; click on it, and you will see the number of words on the top.
    Note: If your document is not enabled for editing, you will see a relevant message on a top pop-up yellow bar; just enable it for editing.
  2. If your text is in countable format and of PDF type, then open it with Adobe Acrobat, copy the text (by pressing Ctrl + A) and paste it into a Microsoft Word document (by pressing Ctrl + C).
  3. If your text is in scanned document format, then either you need to perform the wordcount manually or use an OCR tool to convert the textual image into countable text. For the latter, we can do it for you, so please do not hesitate to send us your documents.
  4. Just e-mail us your files to, and we will perform the count.

How can you translate my website?

We can apply the following methods:

  • Translation of source files

We can translate directly into the source code of the website files (HTML, XML, PHP) with the use of the appropriate translation software. In this way, it is not necessary to firstly complete the translation using other files or format (e.g. DOCX) and then try to integrate it manually into the source files.

  • Translation of website content in text format

We can provide the translated text in text format (e.g. DOCX, XLSX). Moreover, if requested, we can translate the multimedia text of your website, including images or other visual representations.

  • Translation within a Content Management System (CMS)

If you manage your website with a CMS such as WordPress, we can add the translated text to the appropriate parts of your website using the CMS, if you grant us direct access to it.

Can you preserve the layout of my document?

  • For editable-processable text, the layout of the source document will be preserved. In cases where the document is not well formatted, we can preserve the layout for an extra cost of about €5 per page. Please see here how you can have your document well prepared in terms of formatting and layout.
  • For non-processable/editable documents, such as the ones including textual images, we can preserve the layout for an extra cost of about €5 per page.