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Surveys, benefits &
our translation method

Why use a survey and a web-based tool?

  • Surveys can help the management of an organization comprehend employee satisfaction and maintain a climate of confidence and enthusiasm at the working environment.
  • Moreover, surveys are utilized to collect feedback on customer service. The analysis of this feedback can offer understanding and ideas on new products, customer trust, and relevant regarding.
  • Data collected from surveys can help in better understanding customer characteristics and behaviour, including interests, education, and distribution, and therefore develop better business strategies.

How we work.

  • We can translate online surveys implemented with the use of different web-based survey platforms such as SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, SurveyGizmo and Qualtrics.
  • We will work directly on the source file of the survey that the platform is able to export out. You do not want to receive a Word file for the survey translation project and then have to cut and paste it back into the survey platform. As a result, you will reduce time of effort, cost and chances of errors.

Types of Surveys

There are multiple surveys that a business might need, based upon their objectives, such as:

  • Consumer research surveys, to identify market share and size, define market segments, test new products.

  • Customer satisfaction surveys, to improve products, meet customers’ expectations.

  • Customer loyalty surveys, to measure how customers will get back to you again.
  • Employee surveys, to learn what can motivate them, the communication channels and more.

  • Education surveys, such as course evaluation surveys, university exit surveys, and teacher evaluation surveys.

  • Medical surveys, to get a better understanding of causes/diseases.

  • Government surveys, to take important decisions faster about budget, social services surveys, and more.