Translation Services

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Document Translation

We provide translations of nearly any type of document, such as technical manuals, brochures, financial reports, annual reports, and research papers, for different industries such as Healthcare, Information Technology, Law and Finance. And we give you the option to get your translation in almost any format, such as PDF, HTML, Excel, MS Word and InDesign.

Survey Translation

Knowing well the target audience is of vital importance for any business. Creating and managing surveys in several languages both for the internal and external purposes of your business is a significant factor for the discovery, collection and utilization of  information that can help you understand, improve and grow your business and its profits.

Multimedia Translation

Multimedia translation, also sometimes referred to as Audiovisual translation, is a specialized branch of translation which deals with the transfer of multimodal and multimedia texts into another language and/or culture, and which implies the use of a multimedia electronic system in the translation or in the transmission process.

Website Translation

The translation of a website enables you to communicate online with a huge number of visitors and potential clients. Making your services or products available internationally is a factor that can contribute to a continuous growth and expansion of  your business. Our native speaking translators will adapt the content of your website  to the cultural, linguistic, and technical requirements of the target market. If your website is managed by a CMS, such as WordPress, we can insert the translated text within the latter.


Much More Than A Translation Service

Multilingual WordPress Website From Scratch

Have a new WordPress website created from scratch and translated into the languages of your choice. Our software engineering team will create a new WordPress website for your business, based on a template of your choice. The new website can be enriched by (i) human translation of its content into several languages of your choice; (ii) E-commerce functionality with the use of WooCommerce, so that you can easily sell your products or services online; (iii) Continuous management of your website, so that you will not have to worry about hosting, plug-in compatibility or other relative issues.

E-learning Translation and Localization

With a rapid increase in the number of businesses and educational institutes that move from physical classroom learning to e-learning, the ability to produce interactive, effective learning material which simulates real-life interactions has become of vital importance. With the vast majority of organizations, nowadays, using e-learning, it is important to ensure that the provided material is adapted to the targeted culture, and it is available to the target audience in their preferred languages.